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6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps

Global Endurance Modding presents the 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps, held on 26 and 27 February. It’s the first of six big endurance events organized by GEM in 2021.

The 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps will be a full simulation of the famous WEC event, using its iconic 4 classes: LMP1, LMP2, GTE Pro and GTE Am.

Teams are allowed to enter with 2 or 3 drivers for this event. There’s a maximum of 2 cars per team per class. No driving aids are allowed, except for the onboard driving aids. Not comfortable with ABS? No worries, just read the part about GTE Am below.


LMP1 will be the class that will fight for the overall podium, represented by our very own Ginetta G60-LT-P1. The LMP1 class is known for its immense speed and downforce, coming closer to the downforce levels of the Formula 1 cars than any other current racing car. The Ginetta, that’s set for release on January 11th, will have authentic LMP1 physics and features, including an entirely new tyre model. The LMP1 class will not have onboard driving aids.

LMP2 will be represented by the official LMP2 cars: the Oreca 07 and the Ligier JS P217. As a homologated class, currently featuring 3 manufacturers of which 2 are represented in the game, LMP2 has always been a popular class for privateers with the dream of driving Le Mans. They have slightly less power and downforce compared to LMP1, but are still very fast. The LMP2 cars have onboard Traction Control, but no Anti-Lock Brakes System.

GTE Pro and GTE Am will be represented by the official GTE cars: Aston Martin Vantage GTE, BMW M8 GTE, Corvette C8.R, Ferrari 488 GTE and Porsche 911 RSR. These cars feature onboard Traction Control.

A special feature for GTE Am will be the addition of an onboard Anti-Lock Brakes System, in exchange for a 6% decrease in engine power. With this special feature, we ensure that drivers of all levels can participate in the event, while the decreased engine power ensures that GTE Am will be a class on its own. Curious to feel the GTE cars with ABS? You can download the update packages from here (OneDrive Folder).


All times in the table below are UTC.

Fri, 26 Feb14:30 – 15:00Drivers’ Briefing
15:00 – 17:00Free Practice 1
17:00 – 17:20GTE Qualifying
17:30 – 17:50LMP Qualifying
19:00 – 21:00Free Practice 2
Sat, 27 Feb10:00 – 12:00Free Practice 3
12:00 – 12:30Warmup
12:30 – 18:30Race


A team of 3 stewards and a race director will attend the race and make sure the regulations are adhered correctly. In addition to the penalties the game can apply, the stewards can also apply penalties if they find that the regulations have been breached.

The regulations, which can be downloaded using the button below, provide all the information you need about entering the event, fulfilling the requirements, the way the event will be run and the way you’re expected to behave on- and off-track.


Currently, we don’t have any prizes to offer, but we’re talking with several parties that are interested in sponsoring the event and sponsoring prizes is definitely on the list for the negotiations. More information on this will follow soon.

Signing Up

You can sign up using our Sign Up Form (Google Forms). All drivers are required to have joined our Discord server before the application can be approved. Upon approval, you will be assigned a car number with which you can start designing your livery.

After application, the team manager will be allowed to submit one Car Change (Google Forms) per entry (within your class, changing class is not allowed) and/or Line-Up Changes (Google Forms).


Custom liveries are mandatory for this event. The livery templates, including the required number plates, can be downloaded using the links below.

Required font: Exo 2 Extra Bold Italic (OneDrive)
Install by double clicking and clicking “Install”. Install before opening the templates in Photoshop.
Templates (OneDrive Folder)
Templates for the Corvette C8.R and Ligier JS P217 will be added as soon as possible, the Ginetta template will follow after the car’s release on January 11th.
Class Logos (OneDrive Folder)
Don’t use the LMP1 Hybrid logo.

When you’ve created your livery, you can submit it using our Livery Form (Google Forms). Make sure you include the following files:

  • alt[car#].dds (main car body)
  • alt[car#].json (materials)
  • alt[car#] (region mapping for materials)
  • (recommended) the PSD file with all layers separated

We don’t require you to include the PSD file. However, we highly recommend it, as that allows us to fix any errors and irregularities (of course with your permission), thus decreasing the chance that your livery will be declined.

Questions and additional information

Any questions you have can be asked on our Discord server (Discord). This is also our communications platform, so all participants are required to join the server. You will find all of the latest information there, as well as our announcements and the current entry list.

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